Dear Client,

With this communication according to Art 13 of the Code for the protection of Personal Data (Privacy Law), we inform you that all personal information acquired or by you provided with the purpose of booking a motor home hire contract and purchasing tourist packages through  will be, as foreseen by the law which deals with the treatment of personal data following the rules and obligations of confidentiality which must be guaranteed.

    Booking and stipulating a hire contract and the handling of events related to it such as the control of eventual casualties etc. In some cases, we inform  you that , according to Art 24 of the Code for the protection of Personal Data (Privacy Law), that the acceptance of your consent, after the stipulation of the contract is not requested if the treatment of personal information is necessary in order to carry out the obligations deriving from the contract.
    Predisposition of measures related to credit risks, the practice related to the client's identification with control to ascertain the truthfulness of the personal information provided and his economical reliability.
    Predisposition of measures related to safeguard the company's assets e.i:  our fleet of vehicles and the company's employees in case of illicit behavior or in any way in violation to the undersigned contract.
    Possibility to send promotional and informative materials and surveys regarding our services with the purpose of improving them.
    Communicating the information to our Partner, Società Baiana Srl for the sale of tourist packages.

The information will be communicated by paper, and/or by informatic or telematic means by previously appointed personnel in charge of treating  it in a way to guarantee  the confidentiality of the data. The security measures adopted respond to Art 31 of the Code and it's Attachment B - Technical discipline regarding the minimum safety measures.

Regarding the company's performance, it is necessary or possible to communicate data to the following persons of categories of persons:

    Police Forces, (in case of theft, damage or destruction);
    Insurance companies or insurance brokers to handle the insurance account;
    Consultants previously nominated by the company;
    Our concessionaires or partners to carry out the contract;
    Tour Partner Società Baiana Srl for the formalities of the travel contract, if booked.

In case you refuse the consent to the communication as in point 4,  it would mean that our Company may not be able to comply to some operations considering the effectiveness of the contract. In the other cases, communication is accepted even without consent on the basis of law or contract obligations. Your personal information will not be diffused.

 In case your personal information should need to be communicated abroad, it will be handled as indicated in Arts. 42-45 of the Code for the protection of Personal Data and in the Community Rules (46/95 CEE).  This regarding only the EU. The General Authorization related to transferring personal data out of the country, toward non-EU countries or countries non EU Members.

As foreseen in Art 7 of the Code, you may, at any time, exercise the right to:

    Confirm the existence or not of personal information even if not yet registered and receive such confirmation in an understandable manner;

    Obtain indications as to:
        the origin of the personal information
        the purpose and treatment of the same
        the identification details of the holder, of those responsible and of the appointed   representative
        the persons or categories of persons to whom the personal information may be communicated or that they may already know due to their status of representative designated in the territory or responsible or in charge.

        the up-date, correction or integration of data;
        the anonymous deletion or transformation of the information in bulk when violating the law including that of which the conservation is not necessary regarding the purpose for which the data was gathered and then dealt with;
        the evidence of how operations as under a) and b) were made known and also regarding their contents, of those to whom the information was communicated or diffused, except in case when such fulfillment is impossible or in disproportion in regards to the right to safeguard.

    Oppose totally or partially:
        for legitimate reasons related to the personal data that regards you, even if pertinent to the purpose of the gathering of such information;
        to the treatment of personal data that regards you for the purpose of receiving publicity, direct sales, marketing research or commercial communications.

In order to exercise the rights described in Arts. 7 and 8 of the Code for the protection of Personal Data, requests must be made to the person responsible at Laika Caravans S.p.a. Via L. da Vinci, 120 50028 Tavarnelle val di Pesa (Fi) telephone number 39-055/8058.1  Fax number 39-055/80558500 or email: